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Techletter®...the training letter for pest control professionals

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Techletter is published every two weeks

What is Techletter?

Techletter® is a biweekly training letter for pest control technicians...the professionals responsible for pest control in and around residential and commercial buildings. It is the only publication of its type...and is expressly written for those on the front lines of pest control.

Techletter covers topics such as integrated pest management (IPM), equipment use and maintenance, safety, pest ID and biology, inspections and monitoring, pesticide regulations, and the latest pest control techniques.

Techletter has been in continuous publication since 1985. Pest control professionals around the world depend on it.

Alert! Business conditions have forced us to discontinue Techletter®, our training letter for professional pest control technicians, which we have published for 35 years. Increasing production and postal costs had made print publication unprofitable, and then the uncertainties set in motion by COVID-19 finished the deal.

Techletter may return in some sort of electronic format in the fall.



Why Should You Subscribe to Techletter?

Techletter contains useful, practical information presented in simple language. It's unbiased, illustrated, easy to read, and interesting. Many pest control professionals stay up-to-date with Techletter, and many companies depend on it for their in-house technician training. Need more reasons to subscribe?

  • Techletter covers all the issues important to pest control technicians today.
  • Techletter is one publication that can be truly called accepts no advertising.
  • Techletter is always up-to-date, written just days before mailing (via first class mail).
  • At some companies Techletter is the basis of the in-house training's that complete!

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Quarterly Review page one
Questions covering Techletter topics

Quarterly Review and Annual Index Included

Techletter also no additional cost to subscribers...the Quarterly Review, two pages of questions covering Techletter topics from the previous three months. The Quarterly Review is a way to test your knowledge about pest control tools and tactics, and can provide a formal and verifiable record of training.

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