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Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Consulting

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IPM Consulting Services and Experience

Pinto & Associates, the parent company of Techletter and, actively promotes integrated pest management (IPM). Entomologists Larry Pinto and Sandy Kraft have provided IPM support for various projects and written numerous manuals and articles describing and promoting IPM in urban settings. To see our IPM credentials, please click here-- Credentials.

We offer IPM consulting, training, publications, and materials to industry, government, and other organizations, and have been doing so for 20 years. Past customers for IPM-related services have included the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, State of Connecticut, District of Columbia Government, District of Columbia Public Schools, National Pest Management Association, New Jersey Past Management Association, National Institutes of Health, Arlington Virginia public schools, U.S. National Park Service, U.S. Department of Labor, Maryland Department of Agriculture, as well as property management firms and other businesses.

(Note: IPM can be controversial at times, because different people have differing views on what IPM is...and what it isn't. To some, IPM is all about controlling pests without any pesticides at all. To others, it is about using "safer" pesticides, such as baits. Most IPM professsionals fall somewhere in the middle. To see our view on what good IPM is, click here--What Is IPM?

The Kinds of IPM Consulting Services and Support We Provide

IPM is more complex than traditional pest control. It requires a different mindset on the part of technicians, as well as special training and supplies, institutional coordination, and detailed records and reports. IPM programs require knowledgeable professionals to design them properly and to oversee them to ensure they remain on-track. We have been doing both for more than a decade. Here are some examples of IPM services we provide:

modern building
IPM programs for schools, office buildings, and other facilities
Photo © msxo
IPM Program Development

We develop IPM programs from scratch or upgrade existing programs. IPM programs are custom designed for sites such as schools or school systems, hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, public buildings, office buildings, even large development projects and construction sites. Typical service includes any or all of the following:

    1. Develop IPM "Policy Statement"
    2. Provide IPM guidance, training, and education
    3. Prepare a detailed IPM program document which can include the following:
      • Notification procedures regarding use of pesticide
      • IPM monitoring plan
      • Action thresholds for specific pests and locations
      • IPM logbook and forms for recordkeeping
      • IPM informational handouts
      • Menu of nonchemical IPM tools
      • Guidelines for pesticide use
      • IPM Inventory
      • Guidelines for common pests in schools
      • Evaluation procedures to ensure the effectiveness of the IPM program
    4. Conduct quarterly or annual quality assurance reviews
IPM Program Evaluations and Quality Assurance Inspections

We review existing IPM programs to ensure that they conform to good IPM practices and that they are managing pests effectively while minimizing risks associated with both pests and the control tactics used against them, particularly pesticides. A written report will include a needs analysis and specific recommendations for improvement.

Training manual
We can design customized IPM publications and training
Photo © iStockphoto/Kemie Guaida
Develop IPM Publications, Training Materials, and Handouts

Pinto & Associates can develop and/or produce custom-designed IPM publications, training materials (print or computer-based) and handouts for government agencies or business. For more information, click here- Writing services/publications. For a listing of IPM-specific publications, click here- IPM publications

IPM Training

We can provide classroom or on-the-job training on IPM for technicians and support staff (custodians, food service workers, etc.). For more information, click here- Talks and training presentations.


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