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Pest Control Consulting Fees and Retainers

Fees and Retainers is the website of Pinto & Associates, Inc., a Virginia corporation, now located in Maryland. Approximately half of our business consists of consulting on pest control. We have been providing our consulting services since 1983.

Most of our consulting service is provided by two full-time urban entomologists, Lawrence J. Pinto and Sandra K. Kraft, with over 50 years of combined experience in urban entomology. Both also have strong backgrounds in ecology, integrated pest management (IPM), and training.

Our fees vary depending on the type of consulting arrangement.

Standard Daily and Hourly Rates
$1,125 per day or $150 per hour plus reasonable expenses. This is our standard pricing structure for assessing pest problems in the field.
Project Rates
Large projects are usually, although not always, priced individually, either through a formal bid or a proposal. This is our typical pricing structure for writing manuals and for developing training materials. Contact us at
Standard Consulting Retainer
Our standard retainer fee agreement is $600 per year. For that annual fee we provide up to 10 hours of telephone and e-mail consultation on pest problems, as well as a pest identification service for urban and structural pests. We offer this service to property managers, pest control firms, school IPM coordinators, food industry managers, and similar professionals responsible for pest control. For more information on retainers, click here-- retainer. To download a PDF file of our retainer agreement, click here-- retainer agreement PDF.
Talks and Training Presentations
Entomologist Larry Pinto is available for talks and training on a wide range of technical topics for pest control training sessions and other meetings. Fees are as follows:
  1. For presentations up to one hour: $1,125 plus expenses
  2. For presentations of one to two hours: $1,500 plus expenses
  3. For presentations of three hgours: $1,800

For more information, click here- talks and training presentations

Legal Work/Expert Witness
Special rates apply. Contact us for more information.


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