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Technical Writing, Pest Control Manuals, and Other Publishing Projects

Training manual
We specialize in writing about pest control.
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Technical Writing Services/Publications

No matter how experienced and talented your technical staff, it's hard to find the time and the talent to write training manuals, company newsletters, reports, and articles. Let us do it. Pinto & Associates (the parent company of Techletter and specializes in writing about the technical and business aspects of pest control, and we have a long list of successful projects, satisfied clients, and repeat customers. Here are the kind of professional publications we can provide—

    • Training and instruction manuals
    • Blogs
    • Newsletters
    • Books and technical reports
    • Computer and web-based training
    • Tests and question/answer databases
    • Brochures and customer flyers
    • Ghost-written articles for magazines and other media
    • Video and other A/V training

We have been developing publications for businesses and organizations (as well as for sale by ourselves) for over 20 years. Here is a partial listing showing the range of our recent work:

Web-Based and Computer-Based Training/1

NightWatch Bed Bug Training Course
Web-based training program for BioSensory ( Approximately 30 minutes. 2009
Certification Test Question Databases.
Category 7a, General Pest Control. Maryland Department of Agriculture. 2007
Category 7, Termite Control. Maryland Department of Agriculture. 2005
Category 7, Rodent Control. Maryland Department of Agriculture. 2005
Rodent Control.
Web-based training series for COPESAN member companies. Eleven lessons, approximately 6 hours. COPESAN Services Inc. 2004

1/ Pinto is a Certified Instructional Designer: Emphasis on Web-Based Training (Darryl Sink & Associates, Inc.) and has been trained in the SkillSoft e-learning system.


Books, Manuals, Brochures

NPMA WDO Library: Volume One: Subterranean Termites; Volume Two: Other Wood Destroying Organisms.
Revised for National Pest Management Association 2013
NPMA Guidelines (8 modules): Response to Bed Bugs in—Schools; Offices; Hotels; Apartments; Medical Facilities; Retail Stores; Public Transportation; Moving and Storage.
National Pest Management Association 2011 (first 7) 2013 (Moving and Storage)
The Business of Termite Control: How to Profit in Today's Changing Market
Pinto & Associates. 209 pp. 2011
Technician Study Guides and Exams: Rodents; Cockroaches; Safety; Entomology and Pest Management; Occasional Pests; Bird Management; Food Plants; Bed Bugs
Anderson Pest Solutions 2008-2011
NPMA BMP: Bed Bugs Best Management Practices
National Pest Management Association 2010
Quality Pro Green Pest Management: Study Guide and Q&A Database.
National Pest Management Association. 2008
Bed Bug Handbook: The Complete Guide to Bed Bugs and Their Control.
Pinto & Associates. 286 pages; December 2007
Rodent Control: Maryland Pesticide Applicator Training Manual, Category 7D
Maryland Department of Agriculture. 167 pp. 2007
Pest Management in Food Plants: A Study Guide
National Pest Management Association. 102 pages. 2007
Pest Control Technician Safety Manual-Second Edition.
Pinto & Associates. 2006. 270 pp.
QualityPro: Testing and Training Manual.
National Pest Management Association. 104 pages, 300+ questions. 2004
QualityPro Schools: Testing and Training Manual.
National Pest Management Association. 112 pages, 300+ questions. 2004
Wood-Destroying Insects Inspection Manual.
North Carolina Pest Control Assoc. 2004. 120 pp.
Study Guide for IPM Credentials.
New Jersey Pest Management Assoc. 2004. 146 pp.


Written and published by Pinto & Associates since 1985. Biweekly subscription training letter for pest control technicians.
Executive Reports.
Written and published by Pinto & Associates from 1991-2005. Monthly subscription newsletter for owners and managers of pest control companies.
Tech Topics.
Training newsletter produced monthly for Western Industries 2000-2010. Western Industries.
IPM Focus.
Regular monthly column in Pest Management Professional 1987-2006 (column was also called "Pinto" and before that "Hands On" and magazine formerly Pest Control). Over 190 articles.
Writers of the NOR-AM Chemical Company newspaper-style publication on pest control and NOR-AM products. 1987-1988, 1991-1994.

AV Programs

IPM in Schools: A Practical Step-By-Step Guide.
Scripting and production of slide/video training program. Maryland Department of Agriculture. 1997.
Safety and Pesticides: A Guide for New Structural Pest Control Service Technicians.
Script and video direction for training video. Association of Structural Pest Control Regulatory Officials (ASPCRO) and National Pest Management Association (NPCA). 1997.
How to Use Pesticides Safely: A Six-Part Video Series for Training Registered Employees.
Cooperative Extension Service, University of Maryland System. 1991; reissued 2005.

...And about twenty more for universities, regulatory agencies, and pest control associations.

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