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Consulting on Pest Problems

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We trouble-shoot pest outbreaks
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Description of Services--Pest Consulting

Pinto & Associates, the parent company of Techletter and, also provides consulting services for specific urban pest outbreaks or other pest-related problems. Entomologists Larry Pinto and Sandy Kraft provide pest control consulting services such as:

  • trouble-shooting outbreaks of cockroaches, ants, flies, bed bugs, rats, mice, and other pest emergencies
  • reviewing existing pest control services and IPM programs for effectiveness and safety
  • providing site-specific recommendations for reducing pest problems
  • advising on problems with wood-destroying insects such as termites and powderpost beetles.
  • writing technical specifications for pest control services and IPM
  • providing oversight and quality assurance on large pest control and IPM projects

Clients who hire us as consultants on pest problems include apartment complexes, schools, hospitals, industrial operations, nursing homes, universities, and various kinds of small businesses.

convention center Hospital emergeency entrance Grocery store entrance Highrise apartment building
Hospitality industry Medical facilities Food industry Property management
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ALERT: Because of special licensing and regulatory requirements, we do not consult on pest problems in the following states: North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Washington.

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