Here's what people have been saying about the Bed Bug Handbook...

“ easy-to-read informative guide to bed bugs and their control...a valuable reference for anyone involved in combating these blood-feeding insect pests.”
—Susan Jones, Ph.D., Ohio State University, in American Entomologist (Book Reviews), Spring 2009
“...this is a very comprehensive reference covering all current methods and materials, both pesticidal and alternative...a must read...”
PestWorld, NPMA Library Update. National Pest Management Association, Jan/Feb 2009
“...the single most comprehensive publication on bed bugs published in the past 50+ years...timely and useful.
—Wayne Walker, Talking Stick, Association of College and University Housing Officers International. July/August 2008
“..a valuable addition to the industry’s technical product offerings…a significant accomplishment.”
—Dan Moreland, Executive Publisher, PCT (Pest Control Technology), January 2008
“…the book for anyone who will have to deal with this problem.”
—Alan Caruba,, June 2008
“… an essential reference for structural pest management professionals.”
— Bill Quarles, IPM Practitioner, January/February 2008
“5-star rating…written in a straightforward and no-nonsense manner. ”
—Aimee DeLotto, NJEHA News, Spring 2008
“…highly recommended and timely...thanks to this book, hotel managers have the tools and expertise to handle a bed bug situation before it becomes a crisis.”
— Fred J. DeMicco, PhD, Professor of Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management, University of Delaware, July 2008
“…a masterpiece…should be in every pest management library.”
—Harry Katz, Retired Pest Control Icon, January 2008
“…detailed and practical from start to finish…an important resource for anyone performing bed bug work.”
—Greg Baumann, National Pest Management Association, January 2008
“…unlocks the secrets of bed bugs.”
Lodging Magazine, June 2008